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In today’s crowded marketplace, you need a good video seen by the right people at the right time that inspires them to take action. That’s where we come in.

We translate your challenge into a story that resonates with your audience. How? By designing stories that meet your audience where they are in their journey, and figuring out the best ways to craft intentional, creative videos based on authenticity.

Meet Us

NIkol Dang

Founder & EDitor

As the founder of NikolMedia, with many years of experience in the field of content production, is the one who leads the team through the difficulties of work to help the team successfully complete the projects of customers.

Ho Si Linh

Cam OP

He is a seasoned cameraman with many years of experience in many fields, with his visual thinking and great shots that always bring satisfaction to customers.

Tien Hung

Drone Cameraman op

He will give us new perspectives from above that we can hardly see, with his technique and experience always satisfy the most demanding customers

So Shi

Content Creator

She is the one who paints pictures with words, converts client ideas into great stories, helps clients tell stories to everyone.

Thanh NAm


He is a photographer with a special perspective to express beauty and its meaning to everyone, he has won many titles of professional photography competitions in the country, and many works of art are sold on Getty image.

Creative MInds

We are the 9x young generation who are always full of energy and creativity, we will bring you to create new ideas to catch up with the ever-changing pace of everyday life, you will never be left behind, we will accompany you to help you move forward strongly, let us do the difference to help you succeed. thank you!

Do You Want

To Work

With Us?

Why not? Let our team help you make your ideas come true in the most perfect way, we will surely satisfy you, please trust our team. We always work with the highest spirit and responsibility. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our number one priority. Thank yours!